We offer quality accessories to ensure you have the best night sleep. Remember, the mattress may provide you with 75% support for you body, but sleep accessories are also key to a healthy and comfortable night sleep.


Memory Foam Pillows

We provide the best in Memory Foam pillows. The pillows are made of a temperature sensitive material to allow your head, neck, and shoulders to feel comfort and support. Pillows have a teddy bear material cover with zipper included. Available in Queen, and King Size.

Latex Pillows

Our latex pillows are breathable, antimicrobial, and heat resistant. They are also designed to bounce back, never needs fluffing, and are highly resistant. Pillows are available in queen and king sizes.

Hotel Pillows

Our hotel pillows are contain a generous amount of hollo fill and designed to last long term. These pillows are sold to large hotel chains across North America. Available in Queen and King Size

Mattress Protectors

Some people believe that mattress protectors are for seniors or young children. Mattress protectors are helpful for all of us. When you sleep you shed skin flakes and perspire. Dust Mites feast off these things. Some individuals are prone to nose bleeds. Others own pets. Protect your investment in the mattress and your pillows with one or more of the following items

Quilted Mattress Protector

Our mattress protector have an exclusive ‘terry toweling’ material on the surface for extra comfort. The polyurethane layer on the back allows human vapour to travel through the cover keeping us cool and dry. Your mattress is well protected and so are you with this protector. Available in all standard bedding sizes.

Full Encased Mattress Protector

For those that have severe allergies or are determined to keep the bed bugs away from their bed, the Full Encased Mattress Protector provides you with a healthy sleep environment. Available in all Standard sizes
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