Purchasing Student Residence Bedding.

It seems that nothing is simple anymore. Take the purchase of mattresses for your student residences for example. It used to be that you could simply call up a local mattress manufacturer and order your requirements. Today, the demands by regulatory bodies for code compliance, budgeting authorities for service life and your student residents who require comfortable sleep surfaces have combined to make the purchasing process more complex than it has ever been before.

By understanding a few key concepts, the good news is you can make the purchasing process simple once again. There are four primary areas of mattress performance with which you should be familiar in order to regain control of this purchasing process and return it to a state of simplicity. These areas are flame resistance, clean-ability, biohazard containment, bed bug/allergen resistance and then of course student comfort.

Open flame resistant mattresses specifically designed for high risk occupancies such as university housings is an integral part of our overall fire safety strategy. Added to this is the need to create a mattress that can be effectively kept clean of contaminants such as blood and bodily fluids and allergens on the surface, and bacterial and fungal growth within. The dramatic resurgence of bed bugs is another addition to this equation./p>

At Sleepking we have blended these four areas of concern with the importance of student comfort and have created a line of mattresses for budget conscious housing Managers. We have the flexibility and know how to create mattresses perfectly designed for your students and your budget. Nothing can improve the sleep experience like quality bedding.