SleepKing was established in 1972 as a Canadian manufacturer of premium bedding and upholstery. For approximately 15 years, we dealt primarily with designers, contractors, hotels and architects’ to produce customized bedding and high end upholstery. The company thrived during the period shortly after its inception catering to the designer segment of the industry.

  • Ultimately consumer demand for our products grew and in 1987 our facilities were expanded in order to meet the increasing demand for quality furniture.
  • To further benefit its customers, the company added the Therapedic bedding line to its product umbrella in 1994, which has provided us with a line of bedding to compete with the leading bedding manufacturers of the world. Presently, Therapedic is the 5th largest manufacturers worldwide including North America.
  • While still faithful to our designer heritage, our brands cater to the Hospitality Industry as well. A wide array of specialty bedding and state of the art technology advances such as memory foam in upholstered goods are now produced, including Sofas, Love Seats, Chairs, Ottomans and Sofa Beds. The addition of premium bedding to the line-up has allowed Crown Design upholstery to provide superior mattresses for its Sofa Sleepers. Currently, our brands can be found in most retailers such as Hudson’s Bay, Leon’s, Bad Boy, The Brick and numerous stores and hotels across Canada and the USA.
  • Through constant growth and innovation we have sustained and grown over the past 39 years. We remain determined to offer Canadian-made products that are of high quality, great value and significant appeal to a wide demography of consumers. We pride ourselves in maintaining and exceeding customer expectations and work continuously to provide exceptional value, unsurpassed quality and comprehensive satisfaction.